Our biodegradable cable ties are made from 100% pure polycaprolactone, a synthetic polymer than can biodegrade in most natural environments. It is quite durable in aerial conditions (above ground), but will begin to decompose once covered by damp organic material (e.g., soil or plant matter).

Although quite difficult to work with, PCL is widely regarded as one of the most biodegradable thermoplastics currently available. It is more commonly used in bioplastic blends, but we choose to use it in the pure form to ensure no additives or contaminants are released during biodegradation.

We currently produce three different sizes of PCL cable tie, and recommend the 5x265mm version for most applications. These provide the same strength as our legacy 6x150mm ties, but at a lower cost.

Our bigger 8x300mm ties are still available for more demanding applications, as are the 6x150mm version. Both of these sizes are are produced to order. Although 300mm is currently the largest size we produce, any of our ties can be joined together if longer lengths are needed. (Other sizes will be added in future.)

Please note that because we only use a pure (white) polymer for our products, our ties are not currently available in other colours.


5mm x 265mm PCL cable tie

5mm x 265mm, 8kg

This more flexible biodegradable cable tie is suitable for most general purpose applications. Using just 2.3g of material, this tie is optimised to provide maximum performance at minimum cost.

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6mm x 150mm PCL cable tie

6mm x 150mm, 8kg

Created for smaller applications, this shorter version has now been superceeded by our new 5mm cable tie. (We can still provide the PCL-6-150 for legacy installations if needed.)

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8mm x 300mm PCL cable tie

8mm x 300mm, 15kg

The original PCL cable tie was designed to maximise strength. Using nearly 5g of material, this is an expensive option, but it provides an alternative choice for heavier-duty applications.

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important application notes:

Fitting a biodegradable polycaprolactone cable tie

1. For best results, slide into place.
Be aware that polycaprolactone is not as strong as nylon (less than 30%), and is also much softer.

Our ties have been designed with this in mind, and can withstand the typical forces exerted when pulling them tight. However, the material does have its limits and excessive forces should be avoided. For this reason, sliding the ties more carefully into place is the recommended way to fit them.

A polycaprolactone cable tie melting

2. Avoid high temperatures.
Polycaprolactone is a low melting point material: It will melt at 60°C and can soften at temperatures much above 40°C. We therefore do not recommend using our PCL ties above 40°C for prolonged periods, especially if they are under load.

(Short-term exposure to temperatures up to 50°C are generally OK, but end-users are advised to test the product first to confirm its suitability for their particular application.)

Biodegradable polycaprolactone cable tie litter

3. Dispose of responsibly.
Although polycaprolactone can biodegrade in most natural environments, in some conditions the process can take a few years to complete. To reduce littering, discarded ties should be collected for suitable disposal wherever possible:

In small quantities, PCL is generally safe to recycle along with other common plastics.

Clean offcuts of our PCL ties can also be donated for arts & crafts purposes.

Some composting schemes may accept pure biodegradable polymers such as PCL, but please check first.


5mm x 265mm biodegradable cable ties
PCL-5-265 cable tie dimensions

Our slimmest and most flexible cable tie so far.

Using a little more material than our 6mm design, this tie retains the same level of strength and performance. But at an increased length of 265mm, it provides far a more versatile tying solution. In particular, this tie is long enough to fit typical tree shelters (using 30mm or 40mm stakes) and can offer planters a practical biodegradable alternative to traditional nylon ties.

These ties are also suitable for many general purpose applications both onshore and off. They are primarily intended for situations where ties may become unrecoverable or lost into the environment.

  • Longer and more flexible
  • 8kg max loop strength
  • 10-65mm loop diameter
  • 0.80mm latching increments

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6mm x 150mm biodegradable cable ties
PCL-6-150 cable tie dimensions

Our 6mm x 150mm biodegradable cable ties are still available as a special order, however we recommend the newer 5mm for most applications.

  • Shorter legacy design
  • 8kg max loop strength
  • <10-30mm loop diameter
  • 0.65mm latching increments

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8mm x 300mm biodegradable cable ties
8mm x 300mm PCL cable tie

These thicker and wider bodied cable ties (8mm) are more suitable for longer-term applications or where extra strength is needed. The design uses more robust teeth to provide a securer latch, and the increased strap size achieves a loop strength of up to 15kg.

However, this increased performance requires using a lot of material, which means our 8mm ties take longer to degrade and are considerably more expensive to produce. These ties are currently only manufactured as a special order.

  • Extra strength & durability
  • 15kg max loop strength
  • 10-75mm loop diameter
  • 0.80mm latching increments

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